Bespoke coat for Shadow


Gloria, my 6:30 AM cycling pal asked me if I could make a coat for her friend's dog. I said, "Sure have her look at the site and let me know what coat she would like."

Next came an email from Shadow's mom.

She said , "Shadow needs a raincoat. I know your not making raincoats yet, but that is what Shadow needs. Could I make him one? Oh and he is not a little dog. He is a big dog!" 

Shadow goes to work with her every day at her business, Charles P. Rogers so I met them at their beautiful bedding store on 17th Street. On my way downtown to meet and measure Shadow I thought, "Why wouldn't his mom just go online and buy a coat for a big dog?"

As soon as I laid eyes on him I understood why he needed a custom coat. Shadow is a very large, 13-year-old Black Lab. His chest measures 38"! And, over the years, Shadow's shoulders have become a bit arthritic so his head hangs low and he will need extra-special fitting for the raincoat's collar.


Older dogs tend to have weaker immune systems, so his mom wants to protect Shadow from the elements—but no coat fit his large frame. So, a custom it is!

A few pins, snips and measurements later, we’ve got the pattern ready for a bespoke raincoat. Now Shadow will soon be warm and dry as he makes his way to work.

Stay tuned for the fitting and fabric selection.


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