Before you place your order, please refer to our size guidelines to ensure that your new Ruffina apparel will be a perfect fit. Because each of our products serves a distinct function in style and comfort, sizing may differ depending on your selection. In the following charts, we offer separate sizing recommendations for all of our products based on a few simple measurements. Keep in mind when deciding your doggy apparel that the Ruby Coat, though adjustable, should be fit snugly to your dog's body, compared to the Bood, which offers a boxier, more forgiving alternative.

With the help of our measurement diagram, you can determine the appropriate size option for your little dog using three easy steps:

1. Measure the neck where your dog's the collar sits.
2. Measure the chest, behind the front legs and around the biggest part of their body.
3. Measure the length of your dog, from neck to tail. (The measurement shown on our chart is the actual measurement of the length of the coat.)

Once you have your measurements, refer to the correct size chart to pick your little dog's size and then head to the checkout to complete your purchase!