The Story of Ruffina

I’ve always loved little dogs. With those cute noses, big eyes, waggly tails; they're smart, they're social, they try harder. For all my little dogs, past and present, I couldn’t find cool, unfussy - unfrilly clothing and accessories designed just for them with a modern clean design sensibility. I set out to design and produce dog clothes and accessories that I would wear if I were a dog!

When naming our new company, I turned to my Italian heritage. I get a lot of my strength from the family of makers who came before me. My mother was an excellent seamstress who taught me to have the courage to sew anything. My father was a leather craftsman who taught me how to make patterns from scratch. Ruffina means redhead in Italian, and Ruby, my little poodle, is my special redhead. 

Ruby and I are doing this together. She is my inspiration and model. We started with coats because every little dog needs a coat or two. The coat has to be comfortable, it has to fit, and it has to adjust for different temperatures. Closures have to be simple so you can throw it on and get out of the house. And, it has to look great. It could be the first thing people notice when you’re walking down the street. Color, closures, and simplicity all make a great coat. Plus, little dogs get cold out there!


We are dedicated to an American made business. We design patterns and sew prototypes in our New York City studio; then, we street test them. Once we’re good, we work with our partners, a sewing collective in North Carolina. They’re committed to quality and paying their workers a living wage. We use the highest quality fleece, Polartec, made in Tennessee. It’s a fabric I have loved sewing with for years. The color choices are beautiful and the fabric lasts, wash after wash. Ruby and I love how Polartec repels water. She’s happy to stay warm and dry.


We launched in 2017 with the Ruby Coat. This year we have added The Bood & THe Snood, The Human Snood and Fingerless Gloves, our Holiday Scarf and blankets sized for both little dogs and humans. We have more big ideas on the way. 

Check out Ruby in our prototype Marimekko raincoat!

Let us know what else you’d like to see—we’ll add it to the drawing board.